Oct 10, 2010

Mt Tennent - Overnight family walk

We did our first overnight hike as a family (Oct 9-10, 2010), walking 5 kms the first day up the Mt Tennent trail (from the junction with Naas Road), camped near the 3-way track junction on the Mt Tennent ridge, then summitted the next morning, (5 kms return) and back down again (5 kms).

We made damper, watched the sunset, and slept in the open - there was a slight drizzle around 1am and mutterings about who decided to leave the tent behind, but in the end it lightened off and was fine.

Oct 6, 2010

Student-authored open textbooks as learning and assessment exercises - Getting underway

A proposal to conduct and evaluate a demonstration "student-authored open textbooks as learning and assessment exercise" has received a $5,000 grant through the University of Canberra Blended Learning Hothouse. There are 11 recipients of UC's Innovative Teaching and Learning Leader award in this round (Sep-Nov, 2010).

To learn more about the proposed project, see the Student-authored textbooks project homepage.

A plan for the project has been developed and the demonstration project is well underway on Wikiversity (as part of the third-year Motivation and Emotion undergraduate psychology unit).

Basically, the project aims to address three inter-related teaching and learning needs:

Three pedagogical elements underpin the theoretical basis for conducting the project:

As a fellow advocate of open education, the project piqued Leigh Blackall's interest and he popped into a tutorial and put together this neat 4 min. video clip about the open textbook getting underway: